DIY Eddy 50

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For kindergartens and schools - also delivery on invoice possible.
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Measure49 x 44cm
Air route20 m line on handle
Framefiberglass poles
Fabricripstop Tyvek fabric, white, possible to paint on
Kite tail3 x 250 cm, white, possible to paint on
Wind range1 bis 4 Bft.
Suitable offaged 3

Product description

Perfect for kite workshops and kiteflying for schools and kindergartens. The kite DIY Eddy 50 is the ideal kite for workshops with children who are between 3 and 12 years old!
The kite has the classic Eddy kite form and has good flight characteristics in a big wind range.

Construction and painting

The children can create on their own the complete white kite fabric. The Tyvek fabric, with the seamed edges, can be easily painted with crayons, water colour paint, fabric markers and coloured pencils. Also the kite tail, with unilaterally laminated Taffeta, you can dye/paint like you wish.

The construction is very easy: only with a few handles the kite is ready to flight.

Flight characteristics

The DIY Eddy 50 with the classic Eddy form has excellent flight characteristics for a big wind range. It rise It already rises with light wind, with only 1 Bft., in the air. The long stripe tails provide for stability also with middle wind up to 4 Bft.

Attention! Children only use the kite when they have immediate supervision from adults. The kite is not suitable for children under 3 years - because of the strangulation danger by the line and the swallowable small components! Not use in the near of electrical overhead line or when there is thunderstorm! Not use the kite in the near of airports and approach paths! The length of the line maximum 100m!

Schnurlänge: 20
Aufbau: leichter Aufbau
Abmessungen: 42 x 43cm
Drachenschwanz: 2x 250cm
Windbereich: 1 bis 4 Bft.
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