Bird Drachen PARADISE

  • NP146410
Product details Measure 164 x 105 cm Air route 80 m line Frame fiberglass poles... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bird Drachen PARADISE"

Product details

Measure164 x 105 cm
Air route80 m line
Framefiberglass poles
Fabricripstop polyester fabric appliqué
Kite tail3 x 145cm stripe tails
Wind area2 bis 5 Bft.
Suitable offaged 6

Product description

The Paradise Bird is a bird kite, that s why its form is like a flying bird. This kite is designed for middle wind areas. The Paradise Bird is a not usual, colourful kite for children.

Flight characteristics

In spite of his unusual form for a kite the Paradise Bird flies with middle wind than he would be born, like its model, for it. Gracefully he glides by the winds during the Paradise Bird leaves a coloured veil (the stripe tails) on its path.

Attention! Children only use the kite when they have immediate supervision from adults. The kite is not suitable for children under 3 years - because of the strangulation danger by the line and the swallowable small components! Not use in the near of electrical overhead line or when there is thunderstorm! Not use the kite in the near of airports and approach paths! The length of the line maximum 100m!

Aufbau: leichter Aufbau
Schnurlänge: 80
Abmessungen: 164 x 105cm
Drachenschwanz: 3x 145cm
Windbereich: 2 bis 5 Bft.
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