Dream Eddy PIRAT

Dream Eddy PIRAT
  • TF015006
Product Details Measure 65 x 72 cm Air route 80 m line Frame fiberglass poles... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dream Eddy PIRAT"

Product Details

Measure65 x 72 cm
Air route80 m line
Framefiberglass poles
Fabricripstop polyester fabric / digital transfer printing
Kite tail2 x 250cm stripe tails
Wind area0,5 bis 4 Bft.
Suitable offaged 5

Product description

The Dream Eddy Pirate is a classic kite for children. The kite has the classic kite form (Eddy), which children already love for generations.

Flight characteristics

The Dream Eddy Pirate as the classic kite form has excellent flight characteristics for light and middle wind. Because of the light weight of the frame you can fly the kite at light wind and with its both stripe tails it is stabilised by strong wind.

Attention! Children only use the kite when they have immediate supervision from adults. The kite is not suitable for children under 3 years - because of the strangulation danger by the line and the swallowable small components! Not use in the near of electrical overhead line or when there is thunderstorm! Not use the kite in the near of airports and approach paths! The length of the line maximum 100m!

Aufbau: leichter Aufbau
Abmessungen: 65 x 72cm
Schnurlänge: 80
Windbereich: 0,5 bis 4 Bft.
Drachenschwanz: 250cm
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