Sun Dancer Schwingstab

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Sun Dancer Schwingstab
Sun Dancer Schwingstab
  • CM50001
Product details Dimension Ø 6 mm Height max. about 1.6 m / each part about 53 cm... more
Product information "Sun Dancer Schwingstab"

Product details

DimensionØ 6 mm
Heightmax. about 1.6 m / each part about 53 cm
Materialdurable fibreglass with oval connectors
Characteristicsweatherproof, break-proof
Specialincl. sleeves to attach Sun Dancers at the pole

Product description

The Sun Dancer pole is made from break-proof fibreglass and equipped with 2 ovale connectors. The pole consists of 3 parts, each part has a length of about 53 cm. So you can choose if you want to have a height of about 53 cm (one part), about 1.05 m (2 parts + 1 connector) or 1.6 m (3 parts + 2 connectors). At the top part there is one sleeve to attach one Sun Dancer. 3 further sleeves are includes. Thus, you can attach up to 4 Sund Dancer acrylic discs at the pole.

Note: The Sun Dancer acrylic discs are not included! Please attach maximum 2 Sun Dancer acrylic discs per pole segment!

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