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  • CM60624
Product details Diameter 12 cm Material stainless steel / glass Characteristics... more
Product information "HERZ-CHAKRA 120"

Product details

Diameter12 cm
Materialstainless steel / glass
Attachmentsincl. suspension

Produt description

This attractive stainless steel decoration article shows the symbol of the heart chakra with a glass ball in the center. Chakras are energy centers - each has its own range of correspondence, which affects the mental and emotional well-being. Let your life energy flow freely!

The Heart Chakra (Sanskrit: Anahata) means keys and stands for understanding, emotional warmth and selfless love (man experiences what love means). This high-quality processed chakra decoration offers a harmonious ambience.

The stainless steel with subtle glittering paint guarantees longevity - so you and your customers can enjoy this appealing decorative article for a long time! Even as a gift, the HERZ-CHAKRA 120 is a wonderful idea.

Zubehör: Haken mit Kugellagerwirbel
Kugel: 1 x Ø3cm
Maße: Ø12cm
Material: Edelstahl / Glaskugel, lackiert
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