Glaskugel 5cm WEIß

Glaskugel 5cm WEIß
  • CM50024
Product details Diameter 5 cm Material Glass, painted Colour white Prodcut... more
Product information "Glaskugel 5cm WEIß"

Product details

Diameter5 cm
MaterialGlass, painted

Prodcut description

These hand-molded glass beads are solid-colored and completely opaque. The surface of the balls is shinyd.

The ball is suitable for our stainless steel wind games with a ball Ø 5 cm. Thus, depending on the color desired, the ball can be exchanged. Even in decorative vases or bowls, this glass ball is for an individual living room design with a stylish atmosphere.

Maße: Ø5cm
Material: Glas, lackiert
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