MIRROR 5K Edelstahl Matt

MIRROR 5K Edelstahl Matt
MIRROR 5K Edelstahl Matt
  • CM60707
Produktdetails Diameter Balls (from top to bottom ) 6, 8, 15, 6, 6 cm total height... more
Product information "MIRROR 5K Edelstahl Matt"


Diameter Balls (from top to bottom )6, 8, 15, 6, 6 cm
total height180 cm
MaterialStainless steel, brushed
RobMetal, 2-part (screwable)
Anchoragemetal base

Product description

This decorative design object is perfect for putting beautiful accents on your favorite spot, be it on the patio, in the garden or at the pond. Already more than 1,000 years ago garden balls adorned the estate of Roman emperors and also for today s garden design according to Feng Shui the MIRROR garden ball plugs play an outstanding role.

The surface of the balls has been iridesced, so that the surface appears in different colors depending on the perspective. The object is ready mounted with few handles and can be set up immediately. The balls are firmly fixed on the rod. The delivery takes place in a stable single packing.

TIP: A mild lye can be used to clean the balls! Frost intolerance!

Maße: Höhe 180cm
Verankerung: Metallfuß
Kugel: 3 x Ø6cm / 1 x Ø8cm / 1x Ø15cm
Material: Edelstahl, gebürstet
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