Drachenschnur 5daN/20m auf Griff S

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Drachenschnur 5daN/20m auf Griff S
  • NP50012
Product details Length, cord 20 m Breaking load, cord 5 daN Material, cord... more
Product information "Drachenschnur 5daN/20m auf Griff S"

Product details

Length, cord20 m
Breaking load, cord5 daN
Material, cordPolyester, turned
Material, handleAcrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol (ABS)

Product discription

This twisted kite string is suitable for small kites.

Note: Twisted cords twist like. When winding up, you should therefore occasionally change your hand. Tip: Remove the kite from the cord before winding it completely, then the cord can spin itself.

This line is especially suitable for kite making workshops.

Material: Polyester, gedreht
Bruchlast: 5daN
Schnurlänge: 20m
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