Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 (24Stck.)

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Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 (24Stck.)
Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 (24Stck.)
Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 (24Stck.)
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Product details Dimension Ø31cm x 75cm Rob knotless round wood, untreated Windmill... more
Product information "Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 (24Stck.)"

Product details

DimensionØ31cm x 75cm
Robknotless round wood, untreated
WindmillPolyvenyl Hart foil
CharacteristicsUV-resistant and weatherproof
Specialready-made and ready to use / pack of 24 pcs.

Product description

The Moulin BUTTERFLY 31 is high quality processed. The windmill has 7 wings. The Polyvenyl hard film is weather resistant and water repellent. The knotless round wood is natural, sharpened at the bottom and due to its thickness particularly unbreakable. Delivery is in the packing unit (PU) 24pcs.

Striking here are the colorful butterflies.

Material: Polyvinyl Hartfolie / Holz
Besonderes: fix und fertig aufgebaut / VE 24Stck
Durchmesser: 31 cm
Höhe: 75 cm
Eigenschaften: UV-beständig und wetterfest
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