Little Magic BEE

Little Magic BEE
Little Magic BEE
  • NP457310
  • 19.08.2022
Product details Wind wheel Ø28cm Motive 35cm x 13cm Height 85cm Frame durable... mehr
Produktinformationen "Little Magic BEE"

Product details

Wind wheel Ø28cm
Motive35cm x 13cm
Frame durable fiberglass poles
Fabricripstop polyester fabric and PET / appliqué and silk screen printing
CharacteristicsUV-resistant and weatherproof



Product description

The Little Magic Bee belongs to the line of the Little Magic Animals. They are the smaller variation of the successful "Magic Animals" line. This windgames are ideal for your balcony. The Little Magic Bee is above-average suitable for the strong wind. The material is ripstop and the best, you can built up the Little Magic Bee with only one handle. The 5 round rotor blades are ready assembled and have a diameter of 28cm. The total height is 85cm. The Little Magic Bee is perfect suitable to underline the beauty of your balcony.

Höhe: 85cm
Durchmesser: Ø28cm
Material: Fiberglasgestänge / Polyestertuch & PET
Motivmaße: 35cm x 13cm
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