Twister S

Twister S
Twister S
Twister S
  • NP402810
Product details Twister Ø10cm x 75cm Fabric ripstop polyester fabric... mehr
Produktinformationen "Twister S"

Product details

TwisterØ10cm x 75cm
Fabric ripstop polyester fabric
CharacteristicsUV-resistant and weatherproof
Equipment ball bearing swivel

Product description

An attractive and uncomplicated garden or room decoration is the Twister S. Simply unpack and hang up - and then you can pleasure in this, already after the smallest breath of wind, untiringly rotary windgame. The windgame is made of high-quality polyester fabric. The Twister S will persuade you easily!

Material: reißfestes Polyestertuch
Zubehör: Kugellagerwirbelclip
Maße: Ø10cm x 75cm
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