Tambouri KONGA

Tambouri KONGA
Tambouri KONGA
Tambouri KONGA
  • NP458820
Product details Discs 2pieces Ø 30cm; 2x Ø 20cm in each case with ball-bearing swivel... mehr
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Product details

Discs2pieces Ø 30cm; 2x Ø 20cm in each case with ball-bearing swivel
Framerustproof spring steel wire
Fabricripstop polyester fabric
CharacteristicsUV-resistant and weatherproof
Equipmentswirl carabiner clip with 2m braided line
Designed by Wolfgang Grimsel, Germany/ under patent law protected


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Product description

A shapely designed decoration article for living rooms as well as for open air. Tambouri are real all-rounder. The discs bounce in the wind and rotate in any direction. A real eye-catcher. The Tambouri are weather-beaten - they can stay outside in every weather. Inside the Tambouri acts like a mobile. The discs already turn with light air movements around own axis. With the smooth ball bearing clip the discs can be put up together in any order. Up to 6 Tambouri (with 4 discs in each case) can be connected so with each other. With the provided line - you can hang-up the Tambouri or you fixed them on the ground. With the Tambouri you can form in colour attractive partitions and window pictures. We recommend, hang-gliders, to use the Tambouri also as kite tails.

Material: Polyestertuch / Federstahldraht
Zubehör: Wirbelkarabinerclip / 2m Schnur
Durchmesser: 2 x 20cm / 2 x 30cm
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